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Thorough asbestos surveys

Asbestos surveys in the UK


Specialists in residential and business asbestos surveys

If you want qualified professionals to carry out asbestos surveys to the highest standards, that's us. We are a small family run company specialising in surveying residential and business properties

We offer a free initial walk through to determine the type and cost of the survey. We are not allied to any asbestos removal companies. That's why we can provide an independent and accurate survey in a format that is easy to understand.

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Our company can take care of

  • Asbestos surveys

  • Asbestos testing and analysis

  • Refurbishment/Demolition surveys

  • Asbestos management surveys

  • Asbestos management plans


Why trust Enviratass?

Our business was founded in 2010 and we have over 20 years' experience in this industry. We are P402 qualified for asbestos surveys. We provide totally independent and accurate surveys with no VAT charge. 
Our specialism is asbestos surveys and sampling. We undertake such work for residential, commercial, industrial and retail clients. Our accepted payment types are bank transfers, cash and cheque.

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What do most of our customers want to know?

How much will it cost? Depending on each job, we supply free quotes including a site visit at no charge. 

How long will it take to supply the report? Usually within 48 hours. How long will the survey take to conduct? Depends on the size the property.


About Enviratass

Asbestos surveyors in Yorkshire

Enviratass is a family owned business which undertakes asbestos surveys for residential and business properties. We offer our services to businesses such as industrial units, shops and offices. We are confident that we can offer our clients an unparalleled level of service. All the surveys we carry out are in compliance with HSG 264 regulations to ensure a safe environment.

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Why count on us for asbestos surveys?

Established in 2010,

Depending upon the size of the property, an asbestos survey can be a complex and time consuming procedure. That's why we offer a free, initial site visit to confirm if ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) are present. Our team can then give advice and recommendations on any further action to remedy the situation.


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Call Enviratass on 07970 983071 to discuss your requirements regarding asbestos surveys. We are based in Yorkshire.


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